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Love Issues? Dating Troubles? Koi-nahi!

Move away from love issues and dating problems. And say out loud, “Koi-nahi!” (No Problem!)

At Koi-nahi, we strive to make online dating the only way you date. After all, when you can shop, order food, and plan holidays online, then why not date? Because it’s the e-age. And we know how much time and effort you could save by taking dating online.

That’s why we have made online dating quick and straightforward for people who love to chat, flirt and date on-the-go.

Put Spontaneity Back Into Dating

Whether you are single, separated, or have never been in a relationship, Koi-nahi can help people connect for never-ending dating success. And as we help millions to accomplish their dating goals, our mission to be the best dating site is in progress. For we understand that dating needs spontaneity more than anything else. That’s what we aim to reintroduce in the world of virtual dating. From compatible matches to tips that make dating real fun and easy for everyone – Koi-nahi offers it all.
To sum it up: Koi-nahi is the “wingman on a website” you have been waiting for! So, get shot of commitment and embrace spontaneity.

Find Dates Who Are More Your Style

Couldn’t find the person that’s just right for you? Worry not. Koi-nahi has got your back! With the zeal to continually learn and evolve, our technology-backed platform delivers the best possible dating matches in real-time.

From girls for dating to boys or men – whoever you are looking for, you will find on Koi-nahi. And our algorithms will ensure that your potential dates are more your style to help you convert casual conversations into hot encounters.

Just don’t wait for your potential dates to make a move. Do it yourself. And do it now.

To help you connect with confidence, whether you want to communicate for random dates or hook-ups, we keep all your details safe and confidential with us. Shake up those old dating norms. We have given online dating a much-needed overhaul.